Report a Code Violation - Online Form

Residents can be cited for any litter including bulk trash found in the alley behind their home. In accordance with CHAPTER 8 SECTION 8-2-3 PARAGRAPH B of the City Code, residents will be held responsible for maintaining one half of the width of abutting alleys, from the property line to the center line of the alley. Below is an illustration showing how the City will be monitoring compliances as it relates to alleys.  


Residents must comply within 15 days or you may be subject to a $250.00 fine.

To report a Code Violation, please click the following link below to access the online form:
Code Violation Online Form

If you are having trouble submitting your request and/or if you would like to speak to someone regarding code enforcement and violations in Tolleson, please contact Manuel Hernandez with the Tolleson Police Department at 623-936-2721.